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  • The five basic types of people (FACTIONS)

    I'm hesitant to use the word 'factions', since that implies potential 'warring against', but it's a term we can relate to.

    Generally, you fall into one of a few categories:

    1. Corporate (and everything IS corporate, it's how you live and what runs everything, even gov't. Almost everyone is in a Corp, some take it to the nth degree. Most of us work for, shop from, and are protected by Corps. Money rules all.)

    2. Street (You reject the system, the system rejected you, and are basically the gnarly underbelly of life. You have beliefs and you enforce them, but you are kinda out-gunned. That won't defeat your spirit. You scare people.)

    3. Freelancers (A pragmatic class of rogues who are like one- or two-man corporations, effective on the street, reports to no one, but can be bought)

    4. Mystics (With religion being a big business, you probably have more in common with the street people, just not as angry about everything. You actually believe in things in an honest way. In fact, you might even be pure of heart. Although, you can be a little too metafruity for most people, but you are gentle enough, so we'll forgive you)

    5. Common People (there's nothing special about you, you just exist. Welcome to your mundane exist amongst 50 million of your fellow neighbors)

    The Narrator
    Posted 9 years ago
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