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  • Living on grids

    What you like to do virtually, might say a lot about you, or your character, as a person.

    For example, I've found that certain genres and roles fit me as a person. Racing games always capture my attention, as does playing around with the vehicles in a game (like Halo, for example). When it comes to shooters--a genre I'd never bill as my favorite-- I find that I like choosing a role that's a bit of a hybrid class: support technician, medic-- never something so 'front-line'. Same goes for MMOs like Warcraft. I prefer the flexibility and diversity in the Druid class. Not pure healer (like a priest) and not pure front-line (like a Warrior, etc).

    Take a look at what/where/how you play and apply it to your own character as meta-experience. This is the concept of the 'overlay' that I tend to mention quite a bit in regards to the Saijo universe. A game company might own the intellectual property of a game, but not your *experiences* across the endless grids of games and worlds.

    Use this forum to seek out advice and share experiences with others. Your character will thank you for it. :)

    The Narrator
    Posted 9 years ago
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