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  • The Saijo City shared universe

    ****This post is a work in progress.****

    Saijo City is a creative platform and work based around a fictional city in the near future, roughly themed around the science fiction sub-genre of cyberpunk.

    The two main components of Saijo City involve original content and characters for deployment across a vast amount of media, and a shared, public commons of content created by and for the community. This is akin to the author of a work, eg. Harry Potter or Star Wars, where derivative works, fan fiction, etc, is not only encouraged, but contributed to by the official authors themselves.

    Official lore will be located at the Infocalypse wiki: saijo.INFOCALYPSE, and public commons lore and story fragments here on saijo.DATAPLEX. Share and contribute only what you are comfortable with.

    Like any city, it's not so much the buildings and geography that gives a place a soul, it's what happens inside. The people, places, events-- all intertwined and connected, and even disconnected and disjointed-- are what makes cities come alive.

    Our goal is to accommodate as much as we technically can, in a coherent manner.

    Welcome home!

    The Narrator
    Posted 9 years ago
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